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Summer is here, and with a vengeance!  Lucky for us, books go great with summer and hot weather.  Just add a cold drink, a spot of shade, and a great book and you have the makings of a perfect day!  We can't help with the drink or shade but we have an abundance of good books for you. 

This summer has been an especially busy summer for best sellers!  At the top of the list is Harper Lee's new/old book "Go Set a Watchman", this book was a million seller in pre-orders before it was even released!!  Also, selling good are David Baldacci's "Memory Man", John Sandford's "Gathering Prey", Harlan Coben's "Strangers",  James Patterson's  "Alert", E L James "Grey", Stephen King's "Finder's Keepers", and Lee Child's "Personal".  Most of these are in hardback only and if I don't have them used I can order them new at 25% off.  New orders are 'usually' available within 1-2 days, if they are in stock in the warehouse.  "Personal" by Child is in paperback, but you will be happy to know there is a new Jack Reacher hard back coming out in September called "Make Me".


 Trade Policy:



 We give 25% or 1/4 of the publisher's price in credit for other books.  We sell at 50% or 1/2 of the publisher's price.  We take in books from all genre's, however, we must be very selective due to space.  Our needs vary according to our inventory and consumer trends.  We limit same type trades to newer releases, popular genre's, and science fiction / fantasy sections.

When you trade we charge a .25 cash charge for each book taken out.  We do like to make a little profit now and then! :-) 

PLEASE limit your trades to one manageable bag or box per day.  This keeps us from getting backed up and helps us have more time to give you great customer service.


We generally place 2 new orders per week.  Our new books come out of Roseburg so if they are ordered before 11:30 and are available in the warehouse we can have them the next day!  All new books are at a 25% discount.  We can also order new audio books which are marked down 40%!

If you can't find a book new or used around town, we are happy to look for it online for you.  Books can be found pretty reasonable online, however postage is generally $3.99 per book.  We charge $1.00 per book for this service.  Sometimes if something is hard to find its the only way to go.


We have over 1000 audio books on CD both for rent and for sale.  Our rental prices are $4.00 for a week, and $6.50 for 2 weeks.  If you need it longer than that we can work something out.  We are also gaining in books for MP3 players.


 We have a great computer program for Romance, Mystery, Science Fiction and Fantasy genre's.  'Byron' can help us find a book based on title, author, setting, characters name, plot points, time periods, and more.  The more clues you know the better odds we can find your book...or at least know what to look for!





We also feature a great selection of children's and young adult books.We also feature a great selection of children's and young adult books.